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Stinger 4, with embedded 48MHZ Oscillator. Compatible with Phat, Trinity and Corona Boards.
This model has some changes like the new jtag programming port without connector, and a new range of capacitor selections for CPU_RESET and PLL_BYPASS (phat RGH1).

The device comes with a dual ground cable (red/black, both should be tied to ground) and also a 6 pin header (it does not include the bulky long programming cable). In order to program the Stinger you can modify your Nandflasher or use another programmer like NandX, check the attached images for information on how to connect the stinger for programming.


- Compatible with Phat & Slim (Trinity & Corona)
- Embedded 48MHZ High Precision Oscillator
- Dual Ground Cable included
- Installs with the same diagrams/solder spots than Stinger 3.
- x4 CPU_RESET capacitor options (can be combined)
- 4 PLL_BYPASS capacitor options (can be combined)
- Alternate P40 (cpu_reset) pad with a 10 ohm resistor
- Clock Selection Jumper
- Selector Jumper for Phat or Slim
- Selector Jumper for Phat RGH1 model (if programmed with phat_max.xsvf file)
- ROL Pad (to show glitch status on front panel led on Phat consoles)

Also Maximus has reviewed and refreshed all the information on www.360nandflasher.com,
on the top of the page there is an Information table with all the topics on how to connect stinger to nandflasher, how to program stinger, how to use sdtool, etc. All information related to Stinger 3.0 applies also for this new Stinger.
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